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About the Painting

About the Painting

  1. Minimum Age

    It is generally recommended that a child under 2 years of age get a hand or arm painting simply because they tend to lose focus quickly and make sudden movements. Not only does this compromise the end result of the design, but more importantly it poses a risk of injury.  The artist may attempt a simple painting to see how the child responds, but if she feels there is a safety issue she will encourage another option.

  2. Removal Instructions

    Apply a small amount of mild soap to a wash cloth and create a foamy lather on the design.  The face should wipe clean, however if you still see some colour on your skin, simply apply some lotion and wash again in 10-20 minutes. 

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About Safety

  1. Are the paints safe?

    Face Painting by Jessica uses only the safest and highest quality, FDA approved cosmetic paints and glitters to ensure there is no harm done to anybody.  Our paints are technically safe to eat, however there is no nutritional value and it is not recommended.

  2. How clean are the brushes?

    Safety and hygiene are a very important factor when it comes to face painting.  All brushes and sponges are properly cleaned with soap and water, then sterilized with 70% alcohol after each and every event.  In order to prevent bacteria growth, all utensils are left to air-dry completely before reinserting them back into my case.

  3. What if I have a cold sore?

    Unfortunately I cannot paint the face of anyone with a cold sore, rash, contagious sickness, or open sores.  In most of these circumstances I will suggest painting on the arm/hand or offer some stickers.  I hope you'll understand that I have to enforce this for the health and safety of the other participants.

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About Booking Information

  1. When should I book?

    Face Painting by Jessica is in high demand, and it is extremely recommended that you book for your event at least a month in advance.  A convenience fee of $15.00 will be applied to bookings made with less than 7 days of notice.

  2. Where do you travel to?

    Face Painting by Jessica is a Georgetown, ON based business and prefers to stay local to the area of Brampton, Mississauga, Acton and Milton.  Long distance events are welcomed also, however there will be an added travel fee.

  3. How long should I book you for?

    Jessica can paint 10-20 faces per hour depending on complexity of the designs. It is recommended that you book one hour for every 10 guests to be painted.  

    The artist will seize painting when her scheduled end time arrives.  To ensure all guests are painted, please book according to the 10 guests per hour policy.  It is not guaranteed that the artist will be able to paint past the contracted time.

  4. Payment Methods

    Security deposits may be paid by mailing the amount in cash, through email transfer, or through the Secure Your Booking page on the site.  

    The remainder of the balance is to be paid in cash to the artist upon arrival to the event.

  5. Security Deposits

    A non-refundable $30.00 security deposit is to be paid within 7 days of booking in order to secure Face Painting by Jessica for your event.  If your deposit is not received within the 7 days, your date and time will become available to any potential clients.  

    The artist will not arrive to the event if a deposit is not received.

    If you choose to cancel Face Painting by Jessica, your deposit will be forfeited.  Deposit will be fully refunded if the artist becomes ill, or in the event of un-forseen circumstances (to the discretion of Face Painting by Jessica).

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About the Event

  1. Do I need to provide you with anything?

    It is preferred that the client provides a table approximately 28" tall.  If this is not possible I am able to provide my own table for an additional $5.00.  I come equipped with my own chair and water supply.

  2. Do you have any recommendations?

    I always recommend having the children eat before they are painted to prevent the paint from being accidentaly wiped off.  Also, if the children could kindly be reminded to line up nicely rather than gathering all around, both the painter and the paintee will be more at ease (I will politely be reinforcing this if I see a swarm beginning).

  3. Gratuities

    While gratuities are never expected, they will certainly be appreciated if you feel the artist has met all of your needs and went above and beyond. Face Painting by Jessica makes every possible effort to ensure a creative, safe and professional source of entertainment at your event.

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