For over 15 years Jessica has been exploring the intricate world of art, but only recently has her passion transitioned from a hobby into a career.

   Having always been told, "you can't make a career out of art", Jessica made it her mission to attack the statement head-on.

   At the age of 12, Jessica was approached to teach lessons at a local summer art camp, and was offered face painting opportunities at the campers' birthdays.  In the final year of her schooling, Jessica's culminating assignment brought on a bidding war between school staff members.

   Face and Body Artistry has now become the main focus of this small town girl.  Her professional services are in high demand, and she is often fully booked months in advance.

   From elementary school to secondary school and beyond, Jessica has received multiple awards for her work on a continuous basis.

   Jessica has received raving reviews from city to city, and is confident in her title as "Georgetown's finest Face and Body Artist".  

She has an eye for detail, and always has the safety of her clients on her mind.  Only the safest and highest quality of products are used by Jessica

With over 6 years of customer service experience, and over 15 years of art experience, you can be guaranteed that Jessica will make every effort to suit your needs.  

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Face Painting by Jessica

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